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Facts about Pokemon world that I didn’t even want to know but was on the official books. No wonder there are only two books. It’s a very dangerous series. It can harm the show hard.

  • The book firmly states that there ‘were’ the animals like dog or cat existed in the world too, so don’t get confused when they say that Squirtle is a turtle Pokemon.
  • It says that Pokemon suddenly appeared from nowhere. And the species kept increasing. Nobody knows why and it’s a total mystery. ->The direct quote from the book : “Why? How come? For what Pokemon exist in our world? Solving that mystery is equal with solving the mysteries of humankind.”
  • The book says that “there is a legend that the God created this world in a week. This god ‘doodled’ some extra animals in the seventh day. Those animals were born on holiday, and they weren’t ordered to ‘be ruled by humans’ or ‘rule human’. They are Pokemon.”
  • The 18th centuries, zoology became professional scientific discipline but there were some mysterious creatures that can’t be assorted, like dragons or mermaids. Then Count Tajirin of France (…of course this is from Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon…) discovered and studied Pokemon for the answer of it.
  • The book says that “this country is very similar to 20th century’s Japan(Nippon), but there are differences.” It’s not clear that this ‘Japan’ means the real Japan in our world or Pokemon world’s once-existed country, but I think it’s the latter case, since every name or places are written in katakana. I guess it’s a ‘similar-but-different-world’ system like Rockman EXE’s Nihon, Choina, Afrik, Sharo(from Russia), Ajia or Amerope.
  • Nippon’s capital is Tokyo, it seems.
  • Pokemon are dangerous, of course. It is stated that not understanding fully about Pokemon and trying to train them is very dangerous and there are many people hurt or dead doing so.
  • The Pokemon that enabled the invention of Pokeball is Okorizaru(Primeape).
  • A gym leader is disqualified when s/he loses three times in a row. They often bribe challengers. Also it is a terrible job(cost a lot of money & the government support is not enough)
  • That’s why Takeshi’s stepfathers kept running away. To keep the gym, Takeshi’s mother got married again and again and had dozens of kids. Finally she ran away too, leaving Takeshi alone with his half siblings.
  • The reason Takeshi loves women might be this. He yearns for a kind maternal woman who can take care of his siblings.
  • Kasumi is 10 too, same years old as Ash.
  • Kasumi’s parents left too, leaving the gym to the girls.
  • Kasumi’s sisters wear wigs for the show. They actually have black hairs.
  • When kids turn 10, they are legally treated as an adult. They have to pay tax, get arrested when they commit crime, can marry, can get a job, etc, etc.
  • When they turn 10 they can choose to keep going to school or go on a journey.
  • Most of the males in the world try to be a Pokemon trainer, and of course, most of them utterly fail hard. Then they just become incompetent adults.
  • That’s why most of the workers are female.
  • That’s why Satoshi’s grandfather and father is missing. They went to Pokemon journey and disappeared, achieving nothing.
  • Satoshi’s mom married when she was 18. She (then with Satoshi’s grandmother) runs a small inn/restaurant, and the father was a Pokemon trainer rookie who stayed at her inn. They fell in love so fast and got married so fast. Then he left so fast.
  • Shigeru’s father (Prof. Okido’s son) is the mayor of the town. Shigeru’s ‘girlfriends’ are the girls his father employs for election campaign.
  • According to the book, a talking Nyarth ‘cannot exist and must not exist’.
  • When Nyarth translates what Pikachu is saying, Musashi and Kojiro is surprised that he can understand it. Then Nyarth says “I practiced hard to be able to do that”. This implies that different Pokemon species have different languages and they normally can’t understand each other.
  • Musashi and Kojiro actually used the name of Miyamoto and Sasaki when staying in a hotel for recuperation(disguising themselves as a couple and Nyarth as their kid, putting bandage around their whole body) The hotel owner thinks that it’s weird that they are married but have different surnames. The book doesn’t say about if they are their real surnames or not.  
  • Musashi and Kojiro hold a record in Team Rocket(eating one year old moldy fried rice and being okay)

How weird. This is what I can remember from the book.

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